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    Whether at home or abroad our products will always remind you of those beautiful, careless moments that really matter. Unique handmade bags & sandals. About Us

    Our Story

    Ever since I was a child and as far back as I can remember , everytime mom came home with shopping bags , I could not resist to peek inside and find what in my eyes were ‘amazing treasures’ , colourful items , ornaments , shoes , clothes ,  small presents and full of delightful treats like chocolates & candy .My Mom’s bags were for me… ‘Lovely Bags’ . I could not wait for the next time she would surprise me again with the new contents ..


    When the time came for me to think of a Logo for my brand of bags and shoes , … it had to be ‘ A Lovely Bag ‘ , it all made sense , everything lit up and came to life .. it was ‘Lovely’ .This is how I envisage every time you buy something from ‘ A Lovely bag’ , it will make you feel ‘Lovely’ and make you enjoy it the same way I did .

    The Concept

    “A Lovely Bag” is a concept , a statement , a way of life ! It  is about cherising the Greek summer , the carefree days on the beach , the relaxing nights out , the life on the islands !!  All these ‘amazing treasures’ wrapped inside ‘ A Lovely Bag ‘

    Innovation and Design

    All our bags , sandals and shoes are designed in-house with definitive style , combining aesthetic sophistication with cool new trends that are always in fashion . We focus on maintaining exceptional standards of quality by sourcing only the finest Italian Leather and prints ,whilst our attention to detail, coupled with exemplar craftmanship brings the desired finishing touch that defines our brand . Our conitnued research for new ‘state of the art ‘ innovative techniques and materials keeps us at the forefront of global trends .

    Hand Made Craftmanship

    All sandals , shoes and bags are handmade in Greece and Italy by carefully selected expert craftsmen and artisans that carry a heritage of artistry using a wide range of imported fine genuine unique leather and materials .

    Quality Control

    Our daily monitoring of each and every product and enhanced attention delivers an impeccable result.

    Cotton Bags

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    Leather Sandals

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    Customize your Bag

    To a must-have fashion accessory.